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Testimonial 1

" I came in to get in touch with my higher self with the hope of connecting more to my purpose and journey, and to maybe receive a little advice from myself. 

As soon as I met Khushbu, I instantly felt comfortable and safe. It’s never easy to put yourself in a vulnerable situation, doing something you’ve never done, and not knowing at all what to expect or get out of the experience. I’m more than happy to say that Khushbu instantly made me feel like it was all okay, and the more we talked, the more I felt like I could really let my walls down and enjoy whatever was to come.

The hypnosis part was so cool! At first, it took me a moment (or longer because time doesn’t really make sense when you’re in a session) to allow myself to just let happen what was happening. Over a short time, I was able to let go and let my brain stop trying to make sense of what was happening, what I was saying and experiencing, and to just let be what was. It was truly an amazing experience that I got emotional about throughout our time together.

Two big moments stood out to me during the session. First was connecting with my late father and talking to his spirit form, and being comforted by his voice, warmth, and message. The second was when Khushbu talked to my higher self. It was like being a passenger in a car to someone else’s conversation, and it was fascinating to hear myself talk about me and my past and my journey. 

Everything changed for me! Over the course of about six months. I chose to listen to myself and my gut instinct. I left a job that was quite toxic and found the courage and strength to move to a place I love and open my own business. I found a way to start trusting the universe more and trusting that what is meant for me will be and when I allow myself to go for what I truly feel like is my path, things have fallen into place so easily- like magic.

This session happened about eight months or so ago, and while I didn’t necessarily see the impact it made on me that day (even though it did make quite an impact), I can look back over the last eight months and see such a massive change in my life, and I expect that will be something that continues to happen over more time."

Testimonial 2

"I came in for a session with Khushbu because I thought it was of no coincidence that I found her flyer. I think after the loss of a dear loved one, I was open and had a willingness to explore what messages my higher self may have or what could be insightful from past life exploration. I’d never given past lives any thought prior to losing this loved one, and it proved to be a very healing part of my grieving and discovery process. I was also really looking for affirmation that I had more time in past lives with this loved one I missed so dearly. And so the session provided a lot of comfort in that way.

Khushbu has a calming presence about her. I found myself saying things to her that I hadn’t yet said to my therapist! 


During the hypnosis part, I found it to be a mixed experience where some of the time I felt consciously aware or in control; and then a majority of the time, I found myself surprised by my own answers. I was aware of the weight it felt like to move my body and felt pretty removed at times. It was hard to get feeling back in my extremities right away afterward. I hadn’t also been conscious of how warm I was until ‘awakening.’ Overall, though, the hypnosis was a calming experience. When I experienced tears or sadness from past lives, it seemed cathartic in a way. 


The highlight of the session was realizing how much I don’t know about this life or my past lives! And how healing it can be to find out glimpses of those. And as with anything, life is 100% what you make out of it - so if you don’t go in with an open mind and heart, then you may not get anything out of it. Lots of lessons in this life to be learned, and I think my session was one milestone in that journey. 


A key aspect in one of the past lives that came up for me (my life in a cabin) later came up in both a session with a psychic medium and then separately with a reiki session. I feel like that life is coming to the forefront for a reason, and I’m still not sure if I know exactly why. But my session with Khushbu spurred this on and has had a domino effect in leading me to wonder why that is. So I think the biggest result from that, in particular, has been more motivation in my curiosity. This also resonates with the bigger picture questions I asked my higher self regarding life purpose. So I think this session opened the door to exploring this more fully and keeping a more open mind. 


If you’re in the right mindset and in the right step of your journey to keep an open mind, I think this can be an important and helpful tool. And healing too in ways you may not be seeking. It was wonderful, and I’d absolutely recommend it. 

Khushbu was also wonderful in follow-up messages as well with book recommendations, etc. I finished Many Lives Many Masters in record time for myself! I loved it. And it blew my mind in so many ways! Thank you again for everything."

Testimonial 3

"I came in because I wanted to discover some answers to questions about my life - this lifetime. And I knew this discovery would take me to lifetimes past, and I wanted to go on that journey.


As soon as I met Khushbu, I felt comfortable. As a spiritual mentor, I know how important it is for a client to feel comfortable and feel like they can open up easily. That is exactly how I felt with Khushbu. She is warm, professional and caring.


I went in without any expectations or preconceived notions, and this was a good choice. When I laid down for the hypnosis part of the session, I felt safe and cozy because of Khushbu's presence and energy. I was able to contact my higher self easily, and I felt like everything flowed beautifully with her guidance and facilitation. I got many of my questions answered, and even a couple of weeks later, I feel I have a different perspective on aspects of my life.


The biggest moment for me was to know that my life is a continuum of other lifetimes. They are inter-connected in some mystical way. In the few lifetimes I explored with Khushbu, I noticed a theme of deep connection to nature, plants, simple joyful ways of being and loving. I also had powerful healing around my father's passing.


I'm more determined than ever to cultivate more presence and joy in this lifetime. I realize that I can honor what I truly know in my heart and dissolve any self-doubt. My relationships feel deeper (for me), and I'm more focused on enjoying the gifts of my life here and now.


I've already referred a client of mine to Khushbu. And would like to bring my daughter in for a session too. For those of us who are open to this, exploring patterns from other lifetimes can support our expansion in this lifetime, and that is always a good thing."

Testimonial 4

"I wanted to try a QHHT session to see what might come up since I have always been interested in hypnosis. Khushbu spent time in the beginning with an interview that made me feel very comfortable and allowed me to also feel more connected with her before the actual hypnosis started. I was surprised by my answers about my past lives and took time to look certain things up after the session. The best part for me was finding the images that were in my mind on the internet. It was a little shocking, to be honest. I would 100% recommend a session with Khushbu. I feel like I know myself deeper than I did before."

Testimonial 5

“My recent QHHT session with Khushbu was one of the most profound and enlightening experiences of my life.  Not only did I get answers to my original questions about my physical health and my current path in life (both career and life focus), I also experienced deep healing and energy replenishment from the session.


In the first part of the session, we talked about my life, my questions, and established goals for the session.  She was so easy to talk with, and made me feel immediately comfortable. It felt more like talking to a longtime friend than someone who I’ve just met.  She really took the time to get to know me and fully understand.


I didn’t know what to expect during the session, but Khushbu’s caring guidance was easy to follow, and after a while, I entered a beautiful state where I was able to see vivid images and experience them as both an observer and participant at the same time.  This led to tremendous insight into many aspects of my life today.  The relaxation was quite profound, and it was very easy to follow her voice and guidance through each part of the experience.  At one point, she guided me to a deep, healing energy that is still with me days later.   


Words really cannot effectively describe the experience, but if you’re looking for answers, insight, healing, or guidance, I highly recommend a session with Khushbu. She is a wonderful soul, and has a beautiful gift to share with the world!”

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