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Before Your Session

Heart & Hands

1.   Remove ALL Expectations

Every person is different, and every session is unique. You will get exactly what you need during the session. As long as you are open and willing to let your subconscious come through (as long as you don't block that part of you), you will experience whatever you're meant to experience. Release any expectations of what could come up in your session. Release them all. Having expectations could hinder your session.

2.  Hypnosis is easy and natural

Hypnosis is so easy to achieve and a very natural process.  Khushbu will use a tried and tested script to put you under, and you will feel extremely relaxed, calm and clear-headed. You will have a successful session and experience whatever it is that you are meant to experience. Open your mind and heart to all the healing you deserve, and your subconscious mind will take it from there.

2.   List of Questions

Set your intentions for the session by brainstorming a list of questions about what matters most to you in family, health, career, relationships, etc. Compile a list of no more than 25 questions you would like Khushbu to ask that perfect version of yourself (your subconscious) during your session. 


3.   Meditate

Meditate however you'd like to. For example, before going to sleep at night, picture a perfect place that you would love to visit if you could be anywhere in the world. Then see it in detail. All the colors, sounds, animals, people, smells, etc. Doing this the night before, will help you practice your visualization techniques and put you in the right side of your brain (the creative/subconscious side). Try to meditate the morning of your session as well. 

Third Eye
Pencil and notepad

During Your Session

1. Life discussion 
We will discuss your life story to get a better picture of who you are. We will also talk through your list of questions. 

2. Hypnosis Session
After chatting for a couple of hours, we will start the hypnosis session. During the session, you'll feel very relaxed and calm. You will see/feel/sense exactly what you need in your life — nothing more and nothing less. It will be a beautiful, healing session. Towards the end of the session, Khushbu will gently and safely count you out and orient you back properly.

3. Review 
After the session, we will briefly review what happened and then Khushbu will give you quick tips for how to go about the rest of your day after having experienced this deep hypnosis. You will also get an audio recording of the session for you to keep for life. 
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